Preparing your Organisation for 360 Feedback

How prepared are your management and staff to cope with the 360 Feedback process? Is there an existing culture which will support the process or will some education be required?

We have developed a ‘Revalidation Toolkit’ which enables us to take you through the key steps necessary to ensure that your MSF process is successful.

We can work with you in an early stage consultation to take you through our unique ‘Health Check’ audit which helps identify how MSF-ready your organisation is. By using our experience and expertise we can support you with the RMS tools, documents and presentations that provide the platform to introduce MSF.

Responsible Officers in particular can benefit from the RMS ‘Revalidation Toolkit’ which assists them in the introduction of MSF to all participants. Successful implementation of MSF and its integration with the other assessment elements of Revalidation requires careful planning.

Our ‘Toolkit’ anticipates concerns, answers potential queries and ensures that participants see the process as positive and worthwhile.

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