Training Facilitators to Give Feedback

You will need trained internal Facilitators to support staff through the 360/MSF process. We have designed a special training session to prepare Facilitators for this process.

Our training differs markedly from standard ‘off-the-shelf’ 360 feedback training as it is customised around medical settings and the giving of information to clinicians as a core element of the GMC Revalidation process. We use Chartered Psychologists registered with the Health Professions Council who have extensive experience in training others to provide feedback that improves performance.

· How MSF differs from traditional ‘top-down’ appraisal
· Interpreting a Revalidation MSF report
· Best Practice guidelines for giving MSF feedback
· Millers Pyramid of Clinical Excellence
· SARA model of managing responses to negative feedback
· Pendleton’s Rules for feedback in medical settings
· Confidentiality issues

This is the outline format of our one-day Revalidation MSF training programme. The workshop format is engaging and practical, providing participants with practice in the skills of giving MSF feedback, addressing common concerns about participant reactions.

The emphasis is on working in small groups to give as much individual attention as possible for the proper development of skills. We use ‘real--life’ examples and realistic MSF reports to identify key information to be feedback and then practice how to do that in a supportive way.

Our feedback training is based on the criteria set out in ‘360 degree feedback – Best Practice Guidelines’ as derived by the following organisations:-

Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, the DTI, SHL and the British Psychological Society.

This makes it qualitatively different from the many ‘off-the-shelf’ 360 feedback training courses available in the market which do NOT provide the skills needed to provide feedback as part of Revalidation.

Linked to our one-day workshop is a half-day follow up event. This serves as the ‘Quality Assurance’ element for Revalidation feedback and is normally scheduled to take place after feedback givers have had a chance to complete a number of feedback sessions. This event reviews some of the key skills, reflects on participants experiences of using MSF and helps them to develop their skills and confidence further.

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