360 medical feedback
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360 medical feedback
RMS have worked with Southampton General Hospitals NHS Trust to create detailed 360 forms which take into account the GMC Good Medical Practice and Revalidation Requirements. The forms cover 12 specialties from Acute Specialties to Anaesthetists. We also have forms for General Practitioners, Managers, Nurses and Allied Healthcare Workers. 

Doctors can also be sent a "Patient Feedback Form" to distribute to a selection of patients. This is a simple form to allow patients feedback to be included in the process. Forms are returned to RMS who will process the data and add the results to the participants final report. 

Our forms and process have been designed to meet the standards set by the GMC. Click here for more details on how we meet GMC standards.

The 360 Feedback Form consists of a series of Competence Headings e.g. "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Ability" followed by a individual behaviours which are used as the assessment criteria e.g. "Reviews possible diagnoses and follows logical treatment pathways" The online form will then be used by respondents to assess the individual's performance against these criteria.

When a consultant, doctor or other healthcare professional registers for the process they state their Specialty and the appropriate form is selected for their assessment.

Once registered they select the staff/colleagues that they wish to assess them and the site automatically emails them a password and instructions so that they can nominate colleagues to provide feedback for them.

When the nomination phase is completed each nominated rater is emailed the site address together with their individual password. They can then click on the address and enter feedback for their colleague.

Click here to see how an on-line 360° feedback form is completed.

Once the feedback process is started both the project administrator and each individual can monitor the progress of each of their nominated staff using a simple on-line report.

When the appropriate level of feedback has been received the individual or their Facilitator will be emailed the final report.