360 medical feedback
Project Steps

Click here to see the RMS 360 Process in diagram form.

Here are the detailed steps taken by a clinical staff member to complete the 360 feedback process. Please note that variations in some steps may be required for different projects. RMS can provide full advice on your best options:-

Register Phase 1 - Registration
Step 1 Buy the appropriate licence for your project and RMS will create your own project space on this site with it's own URL (Web Address). Your licence should allow for the maximum number of participants that will beĀ receiving feedback. All you need to do then is add the link to the site to your internal NHS website.
Step 2 Any staff member wishing to take part in the 360 process will first need to register on the site. They will state their name, email address, specialty and select an internal NHS Facilitator to support them through the process. RMS will add your list of chosen Facilitators to the site.
Step 3 When the registration process is completed the facilitator and the person registering will be sent an email with detailed instructions for the next step, nomination.

Register Phase 2 - Nomination
Step 1 Each new person who has registered must then nominate which colleagues they would like to provide feedback for them. When colleagues are nominated they are also specified as Manager, Colleague or Direct Report.
Step 2 When the list of nominations is completed it is emailed to the chosen Facilitator for review.
Step 3 When the Facilitator has agreed the list of nominations the list is then finalised and each nominated staff member is sent an email with detailed instructions and a simple clickable link to complete the feedback process online.

Register Phase 3 - Collecting Feedback
Step 1 Each nominated staff member will then click on the link in their email to begin the online feedback process. They will automatically be presented with the online form for the specialty of the person who has nominated them.
Step 2 Staff will then use the on-line form to provide feedback for the participants. They will enter ratings and comments against the behaviours set up on the form.
Step 3 The administrator can log on to the web-site and monitor who has completed the forms. Automatic email reminder messages can then be sent to those who are late completing their feedback.

Register Phase 4 - Reporting on Feedback
Step 1 When all the on-line forms have been completed the process is then finalised. RMS will then generate the final feedback reports for the staff member and email them to their chosen Facilitator.
Step 2 Participants review the full range of reports with their Facilitator and identify their key strengths and development areas. If required, RMS can print off a colour bound report summary for each individual.
Step 3 Any recommendations that are identified during the process can then be formally stated and followed up using the proper internal procedures.

This is the overall 360 process for clinical staff and it is recommended that all clinical staff undergo this process at least every 3 years.