360 medical feedback
What is 360?

360 medical feedback
360° Feedback (also known as Multi-Source Feedback) is a proven method of helping individuals review their performance through the eyes of their working colleagues. The technique has been used for many years for reviewing management performance and has now been adapted to review clinical performance for the NHS. The online forms used are based on the GMC Good Medical Practice and Revalidation Requirements.

The staff member first registers on the site and chooses their medical specialty. They then select a number of working colleagues and categorise as e.g. Manager, Colleague, Team Member. Each selected person then assesses the individual for their current performance under the same series of behaviours using a simple rating scale mechanism.

The questions which make up the assessment form are matched to the medical specialty of the appraisee. Patient feedback can also be collected as part of the exercise. The feedback is then summarised and collated for the individual as a series of reports. Each report is designed to emphasise a different aspect of the feedback e.g. Strengths, Development Areas, Opinion Differences.

The report can be sent directly to the appraisee or can be delivered by a chosen Facilitator who is experienced in delivering performance review feedback. We can help you train a set of internal Facilitators to deliver feedback. Once the individual has received the report they are in a position to identify which behaviours are seen as in need of improvement and to choose appropriate development actions.

RMS have been assisting organisations to run their 360° projects since 1990 and we can help you organise a pilot exercise and plan for full implementation of the process. Click here to tell us about your requirements.