360 medical feedback

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360 Feedback References
We are sure we have a great online system with excellent customer service. The following quotes are from doctors who have recently used our service:-

Doctor A - July 2021

Many thanks for the excellent service you provided in enabling me to complete my 360 feedback process. I really appreciate the prompt responses to queries by email and phone, being available to troubleshoot any issues, and being flexible in adding colleagues to the feedback process at different stages. I know it canít have been the most straightforward. Thank you for a really efficient and cost-effective service.

Doctor S - June 2021

That's perfect, thank you! Brilliant service and will be back in touch in a couple of years.

Doctor L - November 2020

I have been very pleased with the service, thank you. It is particularly useful to have one of these tools that is designed for medics working in public health as opposed to clinically.

Doctor R - November 2017

THANKS. Thank you for all your help i think your service is excellent it is so helpful for me a locum on the move all the time to be able to rely on your great service.Thanks again.

Doctor H - October 2020

Very helpful report and worth the money for the time and stress it saved me to collate and compile myself!

Doctor G - March 2019

Very much appreciated the smoothness and efficiency of the RMS service.

Doctor B - September 2018

Thank you ! Excellent job !

Doctor J - February 2015

Thank you very much for sending me my final report. I find it very useful, professional and very clear in its form. I am very happy with your service.

Doctor E - August 2014

Very happy with RMS and your patience with my errors in e mail addresses and my silly questions- would definately recommend RMS.Many thanks

Doctor S - July 2014

It worked beautifully! Thanks for delivering an excellent piece of software, easy to use, efficient, appears to have left my assessors in a positive state of mind and thanks also for the prompt effective support.

Doctor B - Jan 2013

Thanks very much for this Rich. The whole process was quite painless. All the best.

Doctor S- Feb 2013

Amazing service; if you ever need someone to speak for you let me know. Use this email as you so wish.

Doctor R- March 2013

Thanks so much for the report. You have made the whole process very straightforward and not as scary as I thought that it would be. I have already recommended you to a friend!

Doctor S- August 2013

Thanks for everything. I would like to say that dealing with your organisation, RMS Medical, was an extremely pleasant experience. I am very happy with the way my 360 degree appraisal was conducted and completed. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends and colleagues.

Doctor H - June 2014

Thank you, I have received the report. Thank you for doing this very efficiently and painlessly!

Doctor R - Dec 2012

Thanks for the report. I have found the organisation and delivery of the Report painless. Reviewing the results will help in enabling me to be more effective and to help me to aspire to being a good doctor.

Doctor A - Feb 2013

I have had a good look at the final 360 feedback report and I must say it looks good and very professional and really impressed with it and would not hesitate to recommend anyone who might need your services.

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