“Southampton University Hospitals Trust has been using this system for consultant 360 appraisal since October 2007; we have found it to be very useful for workplace development for consultants. It offers them anonymous feedback from their workplace colleagues across all relevant clinical and non-clinical areas.

Not only have the first participants been enthusiastic about its value to them, but many of the the colleagues who completed questionnaires on their behalf have then wished to do a 360 themselves. The system is easy to use and very reliable. The process is fully automated so that it takes a minimal amount of time to arrange. All the reminders, and the compilation of the report are done by rms, making the process hassle free. The reports are sent back to a facilitator, password protected to provide added security.

The popularity of this system has led to it now being extended to non-medical employees in the Trust. We have questionnaires for nurses, clinical scientists, managers and Allied Health Professionals. This has been a valuable exercise in multi disciplinary team development, and in developing a sense of uniformity of values across different disciplines. I can recommend it unreservedly.”

Dr C A Marshall MRCP FRCA
Medical Director, Anaesthetics
Trust Lead for 360 Appraisal